Meet Our Team



Dennis Monaco

Co Owner & Coach

I was introduced to CrossFit by my son, Jared who opened up his box in 2010. After several months of construction, much of which we did ourselves, he convinced me to become one of his first members.  My fears soon dissolved into a fierce determination to become a CrossFit athlete. It awakened the competitive spirit I enjoyed as a younger man playing sports. I was 58 at the time and years later, I am in the best shape of my life. I have competed and placed in several Masters’ competitions over the last three years as well as competed in the Masters Opens with two top ten finishes. But, that is not what is most important to me as a CrossFit athlete and coach. Rather, it is having the opportunity to meet and inspire others looking to make a positive lifestyle change. Through exercise and nutrition I have seen how CrossFit can alter how you look and feel and how attitudes and outlooks on life change for the better.

I am privileged at this junction in my life to be able to bring my passion for CrossFit to all our members.



Braden Monaco

co owner & coach

Being entrenched in the CrossFit Community for over 5 years before opening CrossFit Amesbury, I have found myself with a true passion for the community it creates. I use my love for people and progress to help those around me flourish as athletes and more importantly as people.

I grew up playing competitive soccer, through college and shortly thereafter used my passion for the sport to coach collegiality. Coaching was a place where I was able to use my love for a sport and my love for people to not only better athletes on the field, but help them understand how hard work and dedication transcend to every aspect of their life.

At CrossFit Amesbury, I am looking to bring the lifestyle and community that I have fallen in love with since I have discovered CrossFit  to as many people as possible. I truly believe that it is this community and the human interaction that brings such great success to those who choose to be part of what CrossFit has created.  




Jared Monaco

Co Owner & Coach

I was first exposed to CrossFit as an athlete in Fall of 2009 and quickly fell in love with both the sport and the community that it creates. I pursued my CrossFit certification in 2010 to open CrossFit Route 1 in Melrose.

I've always loved being part of a team - I grew up playing competitive soccer and lacrosse throughout high school and college. Following college I became a personal trainer and started coaching high school varsity lacrosse.  My experience as both an athlete and a coach provided for a great foundation to coaching CrossFit.  

At CrossFit Amesbury, I am most excited about fostering another community and helping our members to experience the benefits of the sport in every aspect of their lives.


Casey Fallon


Casey Fallon, originally from Newburyport, MA, graduated from Roanoke College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Performance and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association in 2011. While at Roanoke he was an intern at The Parisi Speed School where he developed techniques for coaching running mechanics to young athletes while giving them a fun and engaging workout. Most recently Casey worked as a personal trainer and strength coach in New York and West Virginia where he helped people of all ages and fitness levels attain their health or performance goals.

At CrossFit Amesbury, Casey will be instructing teams and individual athletes to increase their competitiveness through the athletic performance program as well as coaching CrossFit classes. With an athletic background, Casey is passionate about pushing his athletes to become the best versions of themselves through hard work and dedication.

A 4 year starter for the Roanoke golf team, and lifelong athlete, Casey still plays golf and is more recently involved in the CrossFit community . He also enjoys spending time with his wife Katie who is a teacher, daughter, Harper, and dog Sadie.